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Daily InfoNews on October 26, 2016

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Daily economic news from China and the world

Daily InfoNews on October 26, 2016

First, top blowing
1, people club department: will be announced the first batch of pension fund management institutions.
2, the central bank: 6.7% GDP growth this year basic is a foregone conclusion.

Second, the policy information
3, the party central committee and the state council, issued by the "healthy China 2030" planning outline ", put forward the health a priority development of strategic position.
4, the state council, agreed to set up actively yet prudently reduce leverage inter-ministerial meeting systems of enterprises.
5, the ministry of civil affairs: to issue the strands personnel recognition methods, pension and social security is not included in the income.
6, defend planning commission five ministries and commissions such as: jointly issued "views", strengthen birth all the basic health care services.

Third, economic data
7, September 7, 1 -, the total profit of 1.72068 trillion yuan, state-owned enterprises in China fell 1.6% year on year, the steel industry profitability. 

Four, domestic finance and economics
8, on October 25, intelligent manufacturing and robot industry alliance in Yangtze river basin was established in Shanghai.
9, September and October 26, the central bank interest rates tender way to carry out the 7 day period 105 billion yuan, at 14 days of 75 billion yuan, 28 days, 30 billion yuan reverse repurchase operation.

Five, the international finance
10, the agency report: in the third quarter, the global green bonds issuance of $26.1 billion, China accounted for 44.2%, ranked first.
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